About Us


Nearly all motorcycles do not have factory fitted HID lighting…

How the HID50 thing started. A bunch of guys who do a lot of adventure motorcycling, wanting to get a hold of the best 50 watt HId's we could. We needed the most reliable, best quality kit we could get our hands on.

We went thru quite a few suppliers in the early days, ditching them because they quality just wasn't there, before finally finding one factory who could actually make the spec and the quality we were after. Even now that factory still says less than 1% of their customers insist on paying almost twice the price for the expensive quality componentry. The reality is the rest of the stuff out there has as cheap components inside the kits and the factories can put in them. At HID50, we insist on paying extra for European components. For example, most of the electronic components in a HID50 ballast come from Alcatel in France.

We obviously do a lot of long distance riding ourselves and we don't want to go anywhere with a cheap kit. There is a huge difference in quality of components inside the kits, and the sad reality is basically no distributors ever sell or supply the expensive quality kits. (For most of them it's a get em in cheap and churn out as many as you can strategy). So again, that's something we do offer a quality of component that you wont get on eBay. That's a hangover of us starting this up as a attempt to equip our own bikes with the best HID's we could possibly source.

We don't actively market our HID product. We just sell by word of mouth. It's a hobby rather than a business, and was set up to offer the best quality no-compromise HID gear we could find, to bikers, by bikers.

We also want to make available to bikers stuff that the mass market companies don't like 50 watt HID's, military spec componentry, and mixed bulb kits for Triumph or KTM bikes.

We try and keep the info on our website as blunt and factual as possible. If we don't think there is a perfect H4 HID bulb for example, then that's what we will tell you. We have tested more than we care to think about and there is no H4 HID conversion bulb that can get the light source in the exact correct place for both the high beam and the low beam. And that's what we say on our site. We then offer you the best possible compromise, the best H4 solution we have found. It's still not perfect, but having tested dozens of alternatives, its the closest you can get to perfect for H4. The current model H4s we stock are very very close to standard spec light patterns.

There is a lot of mis-information out there about HID's and we hope by looking through the information we offer on our site, it will clear up a lot of the FAQs you might be wondering about.